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A combinations and conversations game


The Reversal takes place in a world  which seems to be frozen. You are Hercules, the demigod, extremely strong but somewhat subtle. You can carry, move and throw objects and characters. You introduce the movement in this world at the risk of causing chaos. You  interact with the characters and thus make a story emerge.


  • Explore
  • Talk to people
  • Find the object that each character needs
  • Take it to the right place
  • Complete the 13 combinations to watch the end cinematic

Beware, yours actions make the world instable.


Keyboard and mouse


  • Use your map and your minimap
  • Converse until find the good place and the good object
  • Try to finish it !


English, French and German

A game made with love by Benjamin Nuel, Matthieu Jouis and Léon Denise.


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Hi, thought you might like to see the video that my other half, Sarah did for our channel. She got a little frustrated but still really liked the idea behind your game. So, far the game has gotten the best of her and she's still to find your cinematic, she keeps going back and trying to find the end but no luck so far. Hope you enjoy her video. 


Thanks a lot Matt and Sarah ! It is great to see you playing to my game !

And  it is normal if you're not succed at the first time. You're supposed to try several time before to understand all the combinations.

I didn't actually get a single mission done because I had such a blast running around jumping, throwing things around and angering my dad.

It's a really fun game, I bet it's even better if you focus on the missions.

Good job!

Hi Myroscope and thanks to played at my game. Ok, it is really hard.
Do you think I should lower the level of difficulty by lowering the chaos factor? Anyway, I'll buy a drink at anyone who success to finish it (I made a damned cinematic for the end than nobody never watched)

(1 edit)

The chaos factor is a really fun feature I don't think you should lower it. I don't think you should lower the difficulty. It's a game, it's supposed to be challenging.  Maybe you should write in the game description that there is a special cinematic if you beat it, then people will get curious. We are used to games just ending without any cinematics, so we don't expect it. :D

Now that I know that there is a cinematic ending I got really curious and I will probably play it again :)

Thanks, I will do that